Zippo Gloriou.s. (2016) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne} {Perfume Images & Adverts}


Zippo Gloriou.s. Eau de Toilette

Lighter brand Zippo released a new scent for men called Gloriou.s. with a tag line, which is no doubt reflective of our troubled times « It's time for heroes »...

zippo_gloriou.s._bottle.jpg The composition by Italian perfumer Maurizio Cerizza is meant to be inspired by the American myth and perhaps its more real ideals of independence and liberty.


The lineup includes a deodorant spray (shown on the far right.)

The eau de toilette opens on solar top notes of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit mixed with aromatic notes of absinthe, star anise and peppermint. The heart features leather, tobacco and a « novel touch of chocolate ». The deeply woodsy fragrance is said to be counterbalanced by notes of amber, vanilla and musk.

The brand launched their debut perfume Zippo the Original in 2010.

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