Chanel Reintroduces Les Exclusifs in Moreish Concentration Form (2016) {New Perfumes}


'Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it's not luxury' said Chanel

Chanel Les Exclusifs Eaux de Parfum

Chanel have relaunched their Les Exclusifs collection in more « potent » and « precious » form according to their press release, minus one, the Eau de Cologne which remains unchanged...

While the scents now benefit from a slightly more intense eau de parfum formulation instead of the eau de toilette one, the compositions will continue to smell the same according to the house. No olfactory twists have been introduced; it's just a moreish impression of the same.

The prices reflect the new qualitative approach going from $110 and $210 for instance in 2011 for Jersey to now $185 and $325 for 2.5 fl oz and 6.8 fl oz respectively.

Les Exclusifs launched in 2006 with 10 perfumes and includes now 16 opuses. Each new chapter is dedicated to the storytelling of the life of Gabrielle Chanel with Boy being the latest addition named after her one true love Boy Capel.

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