Kusmi Tea Blue Detox (2016) {New Fragrant Tea}


In late 2016, tea house Kusmi Tea introduced a new blend in their collection of wellness teas called Blue Detox. It will appear to be an immediate companion to Kusmi Tea Detox launched in 2007 (in the green box) and a bestseller of the brand: we know of friends who buy it by the crates to bring back to Japan for their other friends - just to underline how wildly popular it is...


Bue Detox surfs on the reputation - and proven effectiveness - of the original, while adding a new taste twist, pineapple. The scented blend is reportedly inspired by the Caribbean.

There are new, well thought-out ingredients as well, with maté and green tea being common threads with the first tea: Green tea (36%) Rosehip seeds, Maté (17%) Rooibos, Mint, Pineapple flavouring, Guarana seed, Nettle leaves, and Sunflower petals.

Price: 16,50€.

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