Iris Silver Mist in Photographs Inspired by Perfume {Paris Street Photography}


Iris Silver Mist - Visual Alphabet © CHANT WAGNER

Iris Silver Mist in Photographs Inspired by Perfume

I took this picture - and realized afterwards that I might have been influenced by the floating name in my head of the perfume by Serge Lutens, Iris Silver Mist, in the way I framed the irises and gypsophila, also named Baby's Breath for its vaporous quality...

I have been taking photographs, which are inspired by fragrances - perfume blogging oblige.

Serge Lutens and Thierry Mugler scents, in particular, have a way of finding their way into my more or less conscious decision to illustrate them, on the go.

Here is a visual rendering or visual alphabet of the perfume name Iris Silver Mist this time, translated into street photography speak.

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