Perfume Poll: Best Perfumes for July 4


Here's a little relaxing poll, if you'd care to share your thoughts: 

•Is there there any perfume that you think is particularly appropriate to wear on July 4?

•IYO what is the best perfume to wear or what perfume will you wear to mill about the lawn at a barbeque party on July 4? 

•IYO what is the best fragrance to wear or what fragrance will you wear to watch the fireworks on July 4?

I have tried to answer these gnawing questions here, please check my post on Patriotic Perfumes. 

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  1. In my corner of the world, the answer to all three is: bug repellant! No, not a perfume, but to avoid being eaten alive outdoors, your best fragrance choice is something citronella laden, heh.

  2. Ever the practical gal, aren't you? I think I'm going to have to propose a list of scents myself:)


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