Scented Image: Le Parfum by Thierry Mugler, Part III


As previously reported here and here, the casket of perfumes that Thierry Mugler is issuing for the launch of the movie Das Parfum based on Patrick Suskind's movie will be indeed a much sought-after collector's item. A maximum of 150 copies will be sold, out of the 1300 copies issued.

I wanted to add the information that these perfumes are not meant to be worn in priority especially so since all the aromas contained in the palette of perfumes do not smell conventionally good. As readers of the novel are well aware certain passages of the story are supposed to evoke stench rather than pleasant odors. Christophe Laudamiel and Christophe Hornetz have thus operated under the assumption that smells recreated from Das Parfum are beyond good and evil...

This enterprise of Mugler's is actually to be considered more as a cultural contribution to the heritage of perfumery than as a commercial endeavor.

The September Vogue has an article on the Das Parfum perfumes, "Essences littéraires", p.148. 

About the movie: 

I posted some stills of the movie the other day. You can also download an illustrated booklet in German about the film from the film's official website. You can view the trailer in German here (it is different from the English versions I've seen).

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  1. Well, okay, I won't be buying it. But it IS stunning to look at, isn't it?

  2. Boy, I sure wish they'd do a small sample set on this!

  3. How awesome does that look? Wow. I ditto Patty, sure wish they'd do a small sample set, too.

  4. It is a pleasure for the eyes. I'll have to imagine its contents:)

  5. Patty,

    Who knows? Maybe someone will decide to sell samples. Cross fingers.

  6. Katie,

    Beautiful, simply beautiful. Perhaps it'd be better to buy a ticket for Paris for that price and go sniff at Sephora?


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