The 5th Sense in the News: JAR, Scents of the 70s, Covert Perfume Protest for the Love of Kate Spade, Sarah Jessica Parker Caught Red-Handed in Paris, L'Occitane & the Blind, At Least One of the 15 Das Parfum Fragrances Will Surely Be Yours


The Cult Of JAR; Why selling $600,000 jewels is a little like selling Cabbage Patch dolls.


An interesting biographical article about Joel A. Rosenthal, jeweller and perfumer extraordinaire.

Scents of the Seventies return as shoppers splash out on nostalgia

The Independent

The come backs of Brut, Old Spice, Charlie's, Maxi, Hi Karate and others... 


New carry-on rules spark a covert perfume protest; AIRPORT SECURITY COMMENTARY

The Kansas City Star

When smuggling perfumes feels like the right thing to do. 

Sarah scent down in Paris

Sunday Mail

Sarah Jessica Parker is seen shop-lifting in Paris for her next publicity campaign. 

L'Occitane Leading the Blind

Business 2.0

L'Occitane' examplary efforts at taking into account for blind customers and their establishment of perfumery workshops for the blind. 


Women's Wear Daily 

Where we learn that Aura, the virgins' perfume, a.k.a. the intensifier in the new Mugler's collection of 15 fragrances based on Das Parfum, might become part of the permanent Thierry Mugler catalogue as soon as next year.

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  1. Good for l'Occitaine! They are offering a wonderful service.

    I remember a few years back when I did historical re-enactiment (17th century) and specialized in demos of how food was prepared. One of my best memories was of a blind visitor to the Scottish Festival we were doing our reenactiment at & sharing with him all the fragrances of the period herbs and spices I was using.

    Lisa S
  2. Hi Lisa S,

    I think it's great inspiration and just to think that this move was triggered by the sight one day of a blind person sampling L'Occitane perfumes in a store! It just makes me want to support them.

  3. I thought it was Hai Karate? Is Hi Karate something different?

    I'll admit to having a soft spot for Anais Anais... it's still lovely, who cares when it's from?

    You know, I (and my husband who's addicted to their products) have never once had a bad customer service experience with L'Occitane. Sounds like the commitment runs deep with them, which is wonderful to hear of nowadays. That's fanatastic of them to offer, but really, the fantastic part is that they make it known in the the right places that they offer it.

  4. Hi Katie,

    Well actually you're right, it's Hai Karate. It has some dreadful reviews on Basenotes.


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