The 5th Sense in the News: Opening of a Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie at Jenners in Edinburgh, Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian

Imperial Majesty_RojaDove.jpg

Roja Dove talks about the opening of a new Haute Parfumerie in Edinburgh, Scotland, the redefinition of luxury today, his elite collection of fragrances, his career with Guerlain and more. We learn that we owe him the resurrections of Quadrille and Le Dix by Balenciaga and that he is currently attempting to accomplish the same feat with two Weil fragrances...

Sweet Smell of Success by Alison Kerr, The Scotsman 25 September 2006. 

Photo is of Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian, the most expensive perfume carried by Roja Dove and reportedly the most expensive fragrance in the world (mostly due to the packaging). It is a limited edition of No.1 by Clive Christian and retails for $215, 000.

Jenners is located at 47-48 Princes Street,  Endinburgh EH2 2YJ.

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  1. The choice of Jenners seems a little bizarre. It has rather lost its cachet since being bought by House of Fraser, and is extremely, well, MOR.

  2. Wow. I wonder which two Weils he's working on.

    I'm hoping to visit Edinburgh next May... if I do I'll have to allot an extra day!

  3. Scarlett,

    Perhaps they are counting on Roja Dove (and others to come) to open the way to a new era:)

  4. March,

    Yes, it would be good to know.

    I love Edinburgh! It's one of my favorite cities in the world.

  5. I can't wait to meet up w/ Roja again, but, alas, it will NOT be abroad- college tuition comes first...

    We met, and yapped deliriously, for a very long time [a few years back]...

    I found him to be lovely, and approachable then, a kindred soul.

    I hope he has retained this quality over the years.

    he loves all the vintages, and we sniffed them together w/ great pleasure.


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