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The Scented Salamander has spotted these elegant and ecological silk pouches made out of recycled vintage Geisha kimonos from the 1930s-1960s, all hand-sewn. You can use them to carry purse-sized perfume bottles or a compact mirror to avoid scratching its precious surface or cosmetics or even a cell-phone....

According to Aroma M "Geisha BAG Luxury is made of an elegant Japanese 100% silk fabric (SHOUKEN), which has been dissembled of actual vintage Kimono worn by geisha. They are designed by Shinya Yokota and hand-woven one by one by kimono weaver in Japan. They are one of a kind and you can find the same nowhere".

The silk Aroma M Geisha BAG Luxury version is sold for $25 and Geisha BAG Petite which is made out of chirimen crêpe fabric is sold for $9-12. Please click on the link below to view their selection of the Luxury bags.

Source: Aroma M 


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  1. Those are beautiful!

  2. Are you tempted? :)

  3. Of course! I must need these for something...

  4. Very lovely. I'm using silk bags made in Nepal for packaging my perfumes. They're made of recycled silk left over from the production of larger bags in Tibet.

  5. Good thinking Anya. It is clear that there is an important trend in perfumery packaging that insists it's got to be green or else we'll die:)


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