Chic-Chic, Clémarine, Magic Ethnic, & Mystica 48 by Les Gens du Sud {New Perfumes}

The jewelry brand Les Gens du Sud (The People from the South) is now offering a quatuor of scents to expand their brand image. The fragrances are called Chic-Chic, Clémarine, Magic Ethnic, and Mystica 48. In five years the founders Jean-Pierre Paul and Yannick Tartrou have succeeded in establishing their brand in 30 countries. They specialize in jewelry offering a wealth of charms and borrowing the look of recycled vintage baubles, all this with a definite ethnic flair.....



Chic-Chic is described as an ode to subtility and gourmandise. There are notes of cherry, amber, and white musk.

Clémarine is a fresh summery fragrance with notes of ylang-ylang and vanilla.

Magic Ethnic is a sensual ode to luxury with notes of rose, jasmine sambac, and patchouli.

Mystica 48 is dedicated to the theme of sensuality with notes of amber, benzoin, vanilla, and patchouli.

The scents can be found at the Printemps in Paris I believe. The packaging somewhat recalls that of another boutique jewelry brand, Réminiscence (see Patchouli and Jammin), that also carries perfumes. These could prove to be good surprises as comparable costume jewelry boutique brands like Les Néréides (see previous and Musc Samarkand), Des Filles à La Vanille, and Agatha also carry very nice scents.

Sources: Les Gens du Sud website, Madame Figaro 

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