Sangue d'Oro, A Passito Wine by Carole Bouquet {Fragrant Shopping}



Carole Bouquet is a French actress who has fallen in love with Pantelleria in Sicily and its tradition of wine-making. Over the years she succeeded in buying the small lands of over 70 peasants from the island in order to revive the making of a Passito wine from Pantelleria. The result is reportedly "divine". The grapes, a muscat grape from Alexandria called Zibbido there, are hand-picked and left to dry on the ground so that they can imbibe the aromas of figs and fennels. The result is a rich fragrant wine with further hints of cinnamon, orange blossom, and candied apricots, amongst other notes.

You can read a review of the wine in French on Sommelier-Consultant, Paris. You can buy it here for 40 Euros.

Other source: Chroniques du Plaisir 

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  1. Carole Bouquete hardly revived the making of Passito. This is really not true at all. Passito making is an old and thriving, and the principle business on the island of Pantelleria for generations. I live on Pantelleria and know these facts very well.

    William Fredric Posey
  2. Thank you for this correction. There is so much spin going on in the media, it's good from time to time to get a more sober outlook. It probably sounded good to say that and more dramatic.


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