Rock 'n Rose Couture by Valentino {New Perfume} {Scented Image}

Rock n' Rose Couture.jpg
A picture of the new Valentino Rock 'n Rose Couture. This is the Parfum version of the previously released Rock 'n Rose Eau de Parfum.
Please note how the fishnet and lacy covering fashion for perfume bottles, made out of real material in this case, is picking up this fall as we noted earlier on in a post about the fishnet trend on perfume bottles.

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  1. I'm curious to see how this perfume is different from the first version, I'm in love with the first version of Rock 'n Rose so I think I will love it as well. Is it only the design of the bottom that has changed? or the smell as well?

    Please answer me.
    have a nice day


    • Hello,

      The Couture is being advertised as smelling different from the original. It is not just the bottle that has been redecorated.

      Have a nice day

      Chant Wagner
  2. I just got it a couple days ago and i can tell- this perfume is amazing! I love it!


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