Meet with Symine Salimpour at Henri Bendel's December 17th-24th 2007 {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

Symine Salimpour who designed Shiloh together with perfumer Michel Roudnitska cordially invites you to the Hors Là Monde Trunk Show at Henri Bendel's,
SHILOH Trunk Show Dec.jpg

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  1. Chere M-H,
    I don't know if you've met this lady, but she is quite something...

    A less ego-driven, more delightful person I've yet to meet-
    And, she wants to do GOOOD in the world.
    She's beautiful, unadorned, and earnest-

    How can one resist?

    [BTW- keep an eye on the post, my dear!]

  2. Chère Ida,

    I've spoken with her on the phone and think that her perfume has a special charm. I need to focus on it and review it as the first time I tried it, it made an impression I would like to recapture.

  3. Dear Marie-Helene,
    I am delighted that you will be reviewing Shiloh. Symine Salimpour . She is a fascinating person. A French lawyer - and now a jeweler. parfumeur .
    Shiloh was created in collaboration with Michel roudnitska - son of legendary parfumeur Edouard R. of Dior fame. It is very warm, sexy and different.

    Madelyn E

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