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We have more details regarding the new collection of decorative scented candles issued by Maxim's de Paris the legendary Parisian restaurant, just in time for the Holidays. We lingered a bit more on the series called Belle Epoque last time, now there is more practical information about the Sem collection named after the famous caricaturist Georges Goursat who used to haunt the restaurant in its early days.

Incidentally, please consider all of our new scented products and perfume announcements as ideas for possible presents to be offered this end of the year. These have to be good and if they are new, wouldn't it be even more exciting to offer and to receive as a way of feeling the Zeitgeist?

The Sem candle collection comprises Bergamot Eclat, Figuier Blossoms, and Fruit Glace.......

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"Bergamot Eclat Candle is a sophisticated blend of sparkling bergamot,  juicy mandarin, grapefruit and zesty lemon...infused with subtle hints of dewy green grass notes, amber and ylang.

Figuier Blossoms Candle is a delightful blend of fig tree leaves, bark and blossoms, layered with dewy grass notes, sheer jasmine petals - and subtle hints of warm amber and sandalwood. 

Fruit Glace Candle
is a delectable melange of sweet and tart fruity essences of pomegranate, mouth-watering cantaloupe, and plum - laced with a watery floral accord."

PR officer Pamela Friedman explained that, "The fragrances have received a lot of attention as they are complex blends of sweet and tart essences, mouth-watering fruits, sheer floral accords, delicate teas, herbs and flower blossoms...We have spent almost a year harmonizing unusual blends to produce very sophisticated scents.

The 10 oz. candles retail for just $45, which is an encouragement to buy them as a set. The containers are in porcelain. The candles are made of soy wax and burn for 60 hours.

You can order them online from the website showcasing the Maxim's Sem candles and they are exclusively distributed by Bergdorf Goodman.

(Source: Maxim's of Paris press release) 

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