Cosmic by Solange Agazury-Partridge (2007) {New Fragrance}

London-based Jeweler Solange Agazury-Partridge has issued a new perfume creation following her debut scent in 2006, Stoned. The new one is called Cosmic and seems to retain similar gourmand elements albeit of an upscale quality, as well as continue to incorporate poetic mineral dust. Wherever your sense of luxury lies, for the brand it is to be found in particles of rare materials. Last time it was diamond dust, this time it is ground meteorites dust........

The cap reportedly cost as much as the bottle itself (cf. Fashion Inc). It looks more here like Thierry Mugler could have authored the concept because of the stars and especially the bluish hue, but on other pictures it looks more like an original idea. The scent is described as a "modern cosmic chypre" which "weaves together a milky-way of magical essences. It combines Solange's own sweet candy accord with an airy top note of bergamot, sparkling aldehydes, and galbanum. The heart of the fragrance beats with classic blossoming rose, jasmine absolute, and rare iris. Base notes of exotic patchouli, earthy vetiver, labdanum, opoponax from Peru, myrrh from Somalia, and sweetly addictive vanilla add layers of sensual aroma."

A 100 ml eau de parfum retails for 145 £. It is available at Luckyscent for $285. A sample is $5.

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