Mwah by Chanelle Hayes {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

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Mwah by Chanelle Hayes must be the ultimate abstract celebrity fragrance where image takes precedence over substance, i.e., the scent itself. It is impossible to find any information about the jus contained in the bottle. Who cares anyway, right? The ruby red glass bottle looks cute and Chanelle Hayes strikes all the right enticing poses for the media, a perfume flacon strategically placed in her hand; it matches her lipstick too.

The reporters flock to the event to officially discover the fragrance that has become a mere accessory in the pursuit of fame and brand recognition building. But at least with Alex by Alex Curran or Coleen X there were some passing mentions of the jus. Nobody is pretending anymore after a volley of celebs scents hit the market. It's all about everything else but the perfume. That bottle is asking itself "What am I doing here, really?"

It gets an award from us for "Most Obscure Celebrity Fragrance" of 2007 because it's simply irrelevant to ask what the notes are, therefore the perfume itself is the most obscure of them all........

Image Mike Marsland/ (Do not reproduce without's permission)

Chanelle Hayes became popular in the UK after becoming a participant in the 8th Big Brother show, not winning technically in the end but winning over the hearts of the public. She is famous also for being a Spice Posh wannabe.

Her fragrance reportedly..... smells good, that is all we know. According to the Daily Star, "The Big Brother babe claims new scent is better than Posh's and will top the fragrance charts at Christmas. She giggled: "I've bought hers before and I like it - but now I prefer mine. It's gorgeous. I'm going to give it to all my friends so you'll be able to sniff us coming. All Wakefield will smell great!"

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