Guinness World Record Names Clive Christian No1 Most Expensive Perfume In The World {Fragrance News}

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The Guinness World Record for the title of most expensive fragrance in the world was attributed to the limited edition of No 1 called Imperial Majesty by designer Clive Christian. The award was given during a party held at Saks on December 8th 2007.The juice of this perfume which is sparkling like a yellow canari diamond is reportedly made of the finest ingredients to be had, cost being no object. The flacon in heavy Baccarat crystal encrusted with a diamond solitaire and circled with 24 karat gold plated sterling silver (they are being a little economical here we would say) is a good part of the cost of the perfume.

Top notes are lime and white peach; heart notes are rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and green orchid; base notes are Tahitian vanilla and ancient Indian sandalwood. The price of the limited edition Imperial Majesty was $215, 000 last year.......

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Elton John, Katie Holmes and the Beckhams are fans of the fragrance (Cosmetics Business)
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 Clive Christina with General Manager of Saks Fifth Avenue Suzanne Johnson
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 Victoria and Clive Christian
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  1. The price is high probably because of the crystal flacons. Does anyone know whats the most expensive fragrance juice (not including the bottle)?

  2. How big is the bottle? in .oz?


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