Mariah Carey M Gold Deluxe Edition + Special at Macy's Herald Square on March 28th 2008 {Fragrance News} {Shopping Tip}


Mariah Carey is now offering a pure parfum version of M in a limited edition bottle called M Gold Deluxe Edition.

" is now dipped in a lavish metallic gold. Inside this stunning bottle is the most sensual form of the original fragrance and Mariah's favorite, the parfum."....

The perfume is advertised as a " A $595.00 value. Yours for $75.00."

Moreover on March 28th 2008 if you can make it to Macy's Herald Square from 12 pm to 2 pm and are among the first 150 customers to purchase the Gold Deluxe Edition, you will receive a custom charm necklace designed by Lisa Levine as a GWP.

Fragrance Mariah Carey 

You can buy the new fragrance on the Elizabeth Arden website here for $75

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  1. I have this one & the original M I love both, but this Gold edition is even better. It should have been named Platinum instead.
    Keep it up.

    Kathy Burke
  2. LOL! Great line.

  3. I have Lucious Pink and M Gold Delux Edition. Every time I wear the M Gold, I get a compliment. Every time!

    • I am not surprised because the M version is really good. I have been wanting to test the M Gold version for ever. Thanks for the reminder!

      Chant Wagner
  4. i love this perfume!!just cuz of my g/f uses it!!i love mariah carey still,,it is platinum 4 me always!!it makes me so close more n more everytime!!wen eva she perfume on her!thnx mariah 4 wonderful perfume!!


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