Caron Alpona Discontinued {Fragrance News}



The wonderful Alpona by Caron created in 1939 is being discontinued. This is some unfortunate news for perfume amateurs.

You can still currently purchase it from the Caron boutique in New York City, starting from $100 for a 1/4 oz of pure perfume to $ 520 for 200 ml.

Tel: (212) 319-4888

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  1. Hi

    Could I ask where you received this intelligence? I've just spoken to an SA at the Fbg St Honore store and she denied it (which is not to say she is well informed). This is my favourite fragrance ever and I need to know if I must stockpile!

  2. I got the go-ahead to confirm this news from the manager of the Caron boutique in New York City, who herself got confirmation of the news from France.

    I usually find that there are discrepancies in information awareness between SAs and the administration of a perfume house.

    I can double-check directly myself. In some cases a perfume is discontinued in the US but not in France. Based on this conversation, it sounded unambiguously that the mother house was discontinuing it. But I can try to gather more info. The manager was very cautious and did not want me for example to publicize other news that needed 100 % confirmation.

    There are also cases when a discontinued perfume can be ordered by special request from the perfume house.

    It is of course still currently available both in New York and Paris at the moment. They are not withdrawing it from the shelves all of a sudden. In fact they will sell it until the current batches are gone is my understanding.

  3. Shocking News! I will cherish the few drops I have left...thank you Marie-Helene...

  4. You're welcome

  5. I am looking for the very first Betsey Johnson perfume. It was not sold in all stores like her newest fragrance. It was only sold on her website or in different boutiques. It was also called Betsey Johnson and I think it was released in 1996. It was first in a small round bottle with flowers on it and then in a rectangular bottle. I would do anything to find another bottle. I LOVED this fragrance!

  6. As a response to Allison's query regarding the original Betsey Johnson perfume I have one unused rectangular bottle of the perfume that I was planning to sell on ebay soon. perhaps you could forward this bit of info to her so that I could let her know when I list it.
    Thank you!

    Arielle Hernandez

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