Fifi Awards 2008: Cast Your Vote for Best Fragrances 2008 {Fragrance News}



According to Douglas Bender from the Fragrance Foundation, the consumer vote will indeed count this year for the FIFI Awards and can even outweigh the industry vote if the grass-root one is numerous enough (see previous post about request for clarification). He is the person who was inspired to bring in the popular vote this year for the first time to the US FIFI awards in the later stages.

We do not know about the number of participating industry members in the US, but last year for the French FIFIs, there were 1300 industry members contacted and 50 % responded with votes, to give you a ballpark figure. Added by Bender for the US: "a few thousand"

"Voting officially begins online April 28th (after the April 25th announcement of the nominees).  It will remain open until May 12th.  It is not an alternate.  If enough consumers vote, they can actually outweigh the industry vote.  I will then live blog the event on the 20th, to reveal the winners as they are announced, followed then shortly after with video."

Where to go to vote? 

On Facebook Iqons, and My Space (you can also get their widget if you would like to advertise it on a website).....

"These pages will not only be the main source for consumer voting, but will also house exclusive content.  Users can browse celebrity pics and clips, debate the top ten, or just grab the widget to keep informed on the voting process."

Want to know what a FIFI Awards show looks like?  Here is a little red-carpet flavor on Youtube

(Via The Fragrance Foundation press release and further clarification) 

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