Fifi Awards 2008, The Popular Vote? {Fragrance News}


We were contacted to be told that the Fifi Awards were opening up to the consumer vote this year to vote for the best fragrances of 2007 in 2008. We have asked for further clarification on the direct impact your votes would have on the awards as it is unclear whether it is more of a parallel popular poll and more of a PR operation or a real opening-up to taking into account consumers' votes into the process. The Fifis already determined the top 10 finalists this year without consulting the broader audience. We also requested more details about the consumer voting process.

If confirmed, it certainly would be a change of spirit from their policy of requesting contestants for their Fragrance Film Festival not to cast perfumes in a negative light as reported about previously,

"Your film should not contain any explicit content or showcase the fragrance in a negative light"

We will keep you updated. 

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