Réserve Naturelle Line of Perfumes {Spotlight on a Brand}





Réserve Naturelle is a brand of beauty and perfume products that proposes fragrances in cheerful packagings at low prices. The flacons bear the tag line "Artisan Eau de Toilette", promising a traditional multi-secular know-how.

As it turns out from discussions on French perfume forums, they are for the most part a line of dupe perfumes....


This is a case where the word "natural" appears on the labels as part of the brand's name but is not a certified labeling as for Cattier perfumes or L'Artisan Parfumeur Jatamansi line.

So next time you see the terms "natural" and "artisan" on perfume bottles or boxes ask yourself if these are part of the brand's name, tag line, or are certified designations.

Some people will appreciate the possibility of wearing a cheaper version of Thierry Mugler Angel or Patchouli by Réminiscence priced at 14, 90 €, others will be warned.

Lines of one-note or two-note perfumes are also available at minimal costs inviting you to layer them: Les Sucrés, Les Fleuris, and Les Fruités, 3, 90 € for 30 ml.

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