Green Tea Insoles To Deodorize Your Feet {Fragrance News}


Japanese company Nihon Chemifelt has found a new way to recycle the green tea leaves used at an industrial level by tea brand Ito En while proposing an eco-friendly deodorizing solution for your toes: the green tea shoe insoles. Ito En is committed to a green policy and has launched a research program several years ago to come up with solutions to recycle its mountains of refuse.....

To make one insole, you need to recycle the remains of green tea used to make two 500 ml bottles of Ito En green tea. It resembles green tea powder resin. This is then mixed to a special material based on rubber which is both flexible and resistant. Green tea has deodorizing properties that have already been exploited in domestic cleaning products.

These green tea insoles remind me of the principle of vetiver grass sandals.

Via Europe 1 

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  1. Could you please post an address where these insoles are for sale? Or a contact address for the company? Thanks


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