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The new Perry Ellis for Men is generating quite a buzz,what with the handsome bottle, the glam Italianate advertising and the teasing scent strips in the glossies from the end of spring 2008.

After TSS posted earlier on about the upcoming cologne, there was a palpable surge of interest for the fragrance both from people on the blog and via email. Readers asked questions about its whereabouts as it has been tricky to track down the fragrance in stores and online. The local Boston Macy's men's perfume counter rep unexpectedly stated that they did not carry Perry Ellis fragrances. Perry Ellis had the following to say,....


Valerie Mills, VP of Sales, Falic Fashion Group, explained in a telephone conversation upon commenting on the new and improved image of Perry Ellis that they have actually been working on restructuring the universe of Perry Ellis fragrances.

Regarding Perry Ellis for Men she added that, "I must say that Joelle Guedalia, our VP of Marketing/Creative  really created quite a sensation with the advertising of this new fragrance in 8 national magazines (with scent strips) in the June issues, which as you know hit newsstands mid-May, 2 weeks before the fragrance hit the counters! We're enjoying the buzz.” As far as shopping information goes for internet users, "The new Perry Ellis for men will be available on beginning June 24th. We will also have it available on within the next two weeks."





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  1. Anyone know where I can buy this? They don't even have it on their website (Perry Ellis) and I have been looking for it since I got my first wiff. I want it for my man's birthday, it is phenominal!

    Maddie Stone
    • They should have it soon online. At least that is what they announced...

      Chant Wagner
  2. Who is the model in the ad?

    • His name is Niv Lavi. There is another picture of him in the review for the cologne.

      Chant Wagner

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