Lush Sees Link Between Naked Backsides & Packaging {Scented Picture of the Day - Perfume Images & Adverts}

Lush-Berlin-Apron.pngNudity on the street was a chosen theme for Agent Provocateur to advertise their lingerie line at the beginning of this year. Lush, another British beauty brand, is now seeing a link between proud derrieres offered to the four winds and a green message protesting the overuse of packaging in the beauty industry.

I think that Tom Ford is left in the dust here after this advertising campaign with 3-D shock-value instead of just 2...
Lush-Berlin-Apron-2.jpgLush employees were asked or probably volunteered to pitch in by shedding their own superfluous packaging (remember how at some point in the 19th century only prostitutes wore undies because those were considered too erotic!)

Wearing nothing but a simple white apron they seemed to have had to rush to work sometime in the Stalinist era, just fresh out of the shower, for fear of being late but no, they were there that day with a mission.

This happened in Berlin on August 13, 2008.

Time will tell if this was an effective ad campaign for less packaging.

Via Xin Hua

Update: The campaign has been stamped with the Worldwide-Gratuitous-Ad-Ass seal of approval or rather disapproval by Copyranter. Check out his list, it's sure to elicit a chuckle or two or alternatively make you raise an eyebrow or two.

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  1. I still think Tom's was worst for being so utterly crude. But, this kind've pisses me off coming from lush, couldn't they have chosen some male models? I mean I suspect 80% of their is women/gay men, instead they choose two women to be naked instead, just kind've really annoys me.

    • From what I gather it looks like these persons were real employees and I suspect, volunteered for the job. There might just have been a shortage of male representatives desirous to do the same. But then again, who knows? As you pointed out yourself, it's possible there was a selective and/or sexist angle.

      Chant Wagner
  2. I know Lush have run many campaigns to raise consumer awareness of the importance of reducing packaging. In the UK several Lush shops had 'bare' days where the staff (people of all colours, shapes, sizes and sexes) wore only their aprons. It got a lot of publicity and was very effective.
    I assume this action in Berlin was part of the same campaign. I have no idea if these were models, but I know the spirit of the campaign was completely inclusive.

    Lisa van Gijssel
  3. I used to work for a U.S. Lush and it is the Lush employees that get naked to raise awareness about excess packaging in the beauty industry. The majority of staff tends to be female and in my experience (I also walked around half naked to promote less packaging) women seemed more keen to bare their backsides to promote environmental awareness - not that there weren't guys (both gay and straight) that did it as well. From personal experience I can say that this is a very effective campaign that is absolutely all inclusive.

    • Thank you for your testimonials. How were you able to measure the effectiveness of the campaign?

      Chant Wagner
  4. I just participated in this year’s naked campaign at a US Lush Shop and like last year it was a great success. We passed out informational flyers about the importance of reducing excess packaging and we wore aprons that had in large writing across the front “Ask us why we’re naked!” We had great dialogue with people on the street, sparked interest in the environment and got lots of people to come into our shop to check out our eco-friendly products. We had news cameras and radio stations buzzing and got an important conversation started. We had about ten of us outside passing out flyers and baring our backsides and our group included men and women of all shapes, sizes and sexual orientation. All of us volunteered, no one was pressured to do it or not to do it and as a result we had a very enthusiastic and diverse group of us cheering for a company and products we believe in.

    • Thank you for your testimonial. It sounds like you had a great time. You also made me realize that we did not see any pictures so far of the front sides of the aprons. Thanks for letting us know about this effective tag line!

      Chant Wagner

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