Role of Scent in Reproductive Strategies: The Case of the Kakapo {The 5th Sense in the News}

Kakapo-Male.jpgReading about the role scent may play in the mating behavior of Kakapos reads like a dream come true for a member of the human male species. Why? Because even more so than for women, the # 1 motivation for the average man to wear fragrance is to attract the opposite sex, or whatever sex they are interested in...
According to Stuff, a news site from New Zealand,

"A perfume may be developed for male kakapo in a bid to make them more attractive to the opposite sex of the endangered species.

This follows research into why some males of the native parrot have greater pulling power than others.

Body odour was thought to be a big factor in the way some kakapo males had females queuing up for a romantic fling while other males stood idly by, Massey University biologist, Associate Professor Dianne Brunton said.

Only 91 of the parrots were left and if a perfume could be developed it might help with the breeding programme, Dr Brunton told The New Zealand Herald newspaper."


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