Divine L'Etre Aime Homme, L'Etre Aime Femme (2008) {New Perfumes}

L'Etre Aimé Homme

Niche perfumery Divine hailing from Brittany founded by Yvon Mouchel in 1986 has just released the seventh chapter in its story, a feminine and masculine duo or rather a "double composition" named L'Être Aimé Femme and L' Être Aimé Homme (The Beloved Woman and Man)...
Both compositions were inspired and are linked by a common note of immortelle or everlasting flower, yet are said to differ significantly from each other.

"At the heart of our lives is a perfume we will never forget, the fragrance of the one we love.

I have chosen to create the 7th addition to the world of DIVINE around this theme. A double addition in fact, as I am happy to introduce two new fragrances. A woman, a man, sharing one name : l'être aimé.

The title-role of this double composition is played by a fiery bloom : the everlasting flower. Its perfume, filled with spices and sunshine, is so warm and so intense that it will linger on your skin and in your memory. Naturally, the two versions of l'être aimé are very different : one, feminine, flowery, sun-filled and joyous ; the other, masculine, lively, aromatic, woody and boldly spiced. But as you will discover, the everlasting flower is their secret bond, bringing recognition and applause to each one."

Via Divine website

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  1. Love it! How can I buy some? Please let me know.

    Liam Flynn
    • Liam,

      You can buy directly from divine.fr, they ship internationally

      Chant Wagner
  2. l'ÉTRE AIMÉ is simply FANTASTIC, AMAZING...After ordering the first bottle i wear it i have ordered another one. This is one of my favourites...and i love "immortelle"...IMO it is the best male perfume of 2008.

    • This is high recommendation indeed. I have a sample of this. Have had a quick olfactory encounter with it without spraying it. It made me think it was going in the direction of Sables by Annick Goutal.

      Chant Wagner

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