Kibio Eau de Parfum (2008): The First 100 % Organic Oriental-Chypre {New Perfume}

While organic perfumery is seen as riding the wave of the future, at the very least in terms of consumers' increasing demand, it arguably still remains both a relatively unknown and under-developed area of fragrance creation. 

Kibio, a beauty and perfume brand founded by Pierre Cabane and Laurent Potier just introduced Kibio Eau de Parfum touted as the first complex formulation for a perfume of its kind. The idea was to follow a classic pyramid structure, even combining two families of perfumes, the oriental and chypré one, while paying rigorous attention to the sourcing of organic materials...

The scent is said to be 100% organic, a goal that perfumer Ko-Ichi Shiozawa of Aveda had set for himself however encountering in this path the issue of finding an organic solvent.

A brand like Cattier has developed a range of organic perfumes that remain rather simple despite their classic constructions. Senke Bois Contre Soi, a woody scent, is more of an attempt going in the direction of Kibio Eau de Parfum which can be seen to tackle more sophisticated, constructed categories of perfumery.

In the USA, natural perfumery is a school of perfumery that is quite vibrant with Mandy Aftel as its pioneering proselyte in the modern period. Brands such as Aubrey Organics, Aveda, Burt's Bees, Rich Hippie, Terranova, Tsi-La Organics etc. offer a mix of natural and organic ingredients.

But as I already noted elsewhere, organic and natural are two distinct categories, with organic being the only one that is legally controlled.

Pierre Cabane recounts that he came up with the concept of Kibio after his son was deeply bruised during a hike in the mountains. A woman M.D. part of their group was then able to improvise a plant-based remedy at maximal doses which helped relieve the young boy on the spot and helped heal the wound rapidly. For the cosmetic marketing executive that Cabane was, the realization came on that day that such an efficacious treatment could have never passed muster with authorities within the existing context of practices known to the industry. So a desire for change and a partnership with Laurent Potier became the sources of Kibio.

Kibio the perfume is said to be both an oriental and a chypre at the same time, a combination that is very attractive when it is well done as it marries the freshness and sparkling quality of citruses with the warmth and depth of ambers. Bond Girl 007, in a totally different arena of perfumery, is a good recent example of this dual character.

Top notes are sweet orange, lemon, lavandula, green mandarin from Brazil

Heart notes are ylang-ylang from Comores, Egyptian geranium

Base notes are amber, Madagascar vanilla, benzoin from Laos, patchouli, tonka bean

The perfume contains no mineral oils originating from petrochemicals, no parabens, no silicones. There are no colorings, synthetics, pesticides, no preservatives that are not approved of by Ecocert. There are no animal materials, no tests on animals.

A 30 ml flacon is priced at 39 € 

Via Kibio press release 

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  1. Hello,
    the Kibio company has just launched the first perfume Eau de Parfum 100 % Organic ; I look for the name of the perfumer (I believe that a young perfumer Mr Vincent GRANDJON) can use me Thank you in advance

    • Hello Cyril,

      Je ne saisis pas complètement l'information que vous avez voulu faire passer. Ou s'agit-il peut-être d'une question?

      Merci de bien vouloir préciser,

      Chant Wagner

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