Scented Quote / Anecdote of the Day about Michelle Obama, from Dylan McAfee:


"Dylan McAfee, (...) in second grade at Georgetown Day, met Mrs. Obama last Monday and has been star-struck ever since.

 "I touched her hand and she smelled like cherries,"...
What perfume(s) does Michelle Obama wear?

The first clue comes from Dylan McAfee

But does Michelle Obama really smell of cherries?

Children will say, mmm, this smells of bubblegum, or candy, or strawberry, isolating one note that is familiar to them from a more complex composition.

Like Saints, Michelle O might exude an exquisite smell for those who are star struck (medical conditions aside)

Or she might really smell of cherries

Her hand-soap?

Her perfume?

Heliotrope has a cherry facet

It is unlikely that it would be the latest, not yet released Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy.

Could it be: Shiara Cherry Vanilla, Masaki Matsushima Cherry, The Body Shop White Musk Intrigue, People of the Labyrinths Luctor et Emergo, Serge Lutens Rahat Loukhoum, Louve, Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil, Cartier Délices, Nina Ricci Cherry Fantasy, Jennifer Lopez Glow After Dark, Jesus del Pozo In Black...?

Now the bets are up

Quote from NYT article

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  1. Or it could be hand lotion...L'Occitane and BBW offer Cherry Blossom cremes, while Ulta (and Avon?) offer Black Cherry & Nutmeg "flavors."

    Heliotrope has a cherry facet? Interesting.

    All of this means, of course, that when Michelle Obama says "pretty please," it automatically comes with a cherry on top. :)

    • Black cherry and nutmeg sounds great!

      There is also a woody cherry note that I like, for example in Guerlain Lights of Champs-Elysées

      Yes, heliotrope has a popular name in reference to this facet and is sometimes called the cherry-pie plant.

      At any rate, we know Michelle O likes the color red, so it is not surprising that she likes a scent that evokes red :)

      Chant Wagner
  2. What about good old fashioned Jergen's lotion?


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