Precious Pure-Parfums Trend, Fall-Winter 2008 {Trend Alert} {New Perfumes}


Pure perfume extracts are making a comeback this fall and winter 2008
and sometimes where you least expect them to appear. Synonymous with classical luxury traditionally, the extracts this fall and winter 2008 still want to impress you, and so they dress up and heighten the concentration of their oils and change a few notes to lure you in with more promise, but at the same time they have been adopted by brands that have a much hipper and younger, even laidback image than is usual to see in this category. Chanel, Guerlain, yes, fur and perfume, yes, but Aquolina, L'Artisan Parfumeur, Fragonard, (nice) tee-shirt and perfume (?) Yet they do come on the tails of earlier this year John Varvatos for Women parfum, Mariah Carey Gold and Usher for She. This must mean that everyone is now convinced that this is the in thing to do.

What you can expect from a pure perfume extract is a higher concentration of perfume oils, from about 15% to 30 %, and also a higher proportion of natural perfume oils that add that extra multi-layered effect that can only come from the richness of natural essences made up of hundreds of naturally-occurring molecules, mixed with the more stable synthetics. Pure perfumes will be longer-lasting than in the other concentrations but often have an aura, a sillage that is closer to the body, more velvety and muted in a sense. Usually the pure perfume version is tweaked and rebalanced to slightly new effect. It is not just more of the same compared to the eau de parfum, eau de toilette, as if you had just amplified the sound on your stereo.

1- Kenzo Amour Le Parfum

"A woody oriental composed of rich ingredients coveted in Asia.
A fragrance sculpted by the woody tones of patchouli,
the sensuous richness of benzoin balm from Siam, the roundness of amber, spices and incense like an offering. Bottle: A matte gold bottle inspired by the temples of Southeast Asia."

30ml  $65.00
50ml  $85.00 ...
2- L'Artisan Parfumeur Mûre et Musc Extrait de Parfum

This is a first for L'Artisan:

"The noblest of all, the most refined and feminine among fragrances: the extract. Created by Bertrand Duchaufour, Mûre et Musc Extrait de Parfum interprets the original by using the finest, most exceptional raw materials. It highlights the fruity, musky perfume of blackberries warmed in the sun, sensual and enveloping.

 The extract is presented in an exquisite 15 ml bottle with the seven symbolic facets of L'Artisan Parfumeur and a cap made of zamac finely engraved with the coat of arms. It comes in its own box of subtle warm gold and black and purple lacquers.  A 15 ml refill comes with this bottle of exception."

3- Nina Ricci Coeur-Joie Extrait de Parfum

Nina Ricci has re-edited the classic Coeur-Joie (1946) in its original flacon designed by Christian Bérard and Lalique (as well as Fille d'Eve in the apple-shaped one).

4- Fragonard Belle de Nuit, Diamant, Ile d'Amour, Eclat, Juste Un Baiser Parfums

Now available in a gilded version of the urn-shaped luxury Fragonard bottle.

5- Kelly Calèche Pure Parfum

The luxury factor has been amplified both for with the new padlock flacon and in the slightly modified extrait

6- Aquolina Pink Sugar Luxury Extract

If Pink Sugar is now available in pure parfum, next you can expect to see anything happening in this trend.

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