Narciso Rodriguez Essence (2009) {New Perfume}

The upcoming Essence for Her; Narciso Rodriguez at the Alma Awards on August 17, 2008

Designer Narciso Rodriguez will launch a new perfume for women in March (US only) - April 2009 called Essence. It succeeds to the Narciso Rodriguez for Her series as well as his eponymous men's scent and while the new name indicates the wish to tap into a new universe of symbols, there will be one olfactory line of continuity running throughout the brand's scents resting on a core predilection for musk, only fresher this time. The designer said,

"Essence is very sexy but has that crisp, clean, pure quality of sunlight," continued Rodriguez. "It's a bit of a collage -- the iris, rose and amber that I love -- and how you can layer these things over the musk and create that feeling of joy. It's about a different facet of a woman. As there is day, there is night,"...

Narciso Rodriguez for Her, the Silver Edition (2008)
At his press conference, Narciso Rodriguez took the opportunity to reaffirm his philosophy regarding what perfumery is or ought to be according to his credo,

"I value the slow- and-steady approach, especially with something like fragrance, where you really need a great deal of time to think about it and develop it and refine it," he said. "I'm interested in creating things that are lasting, that have great substance and thinking behind them. They're based in design and craftsmanship."

The perfume was created by Alberto Morillas of Firmenich and is described as a floral powdery musk with floral and balsamic notes of iris powder, rose petals and benzoin.

The mirror bottle of Essence seems, well, to reflect the 2008 Silver Edition of Narciso Rodriguez for Her and Him housed in a similar material and continues to express the designer's interest in the color silver as well as the mirror theme. Essence's flacon was designed by Ross Lovegrove together with Narciso Rodriguez.

The collection consists of eaux de parfum in two sizes, 1.6 oz. for $78 and 3.3 oz. for $100; as well as a 6.7 oz. body lotion, $48; a 6.7 oz. shower gel, $40, and a 3.3 oz. deodorant spray, $33.


Update: You can read our review of Essence by Narciso Rodriguez

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  1. I absolutely love this perfume. I have been told Narciso Rodriguez had specially made this perfume, so women have a nice essence to them. Nice and light and not over powering. A light nice essence. I love how he had added a very rare ingredient called "white musk" which gives it an unique sent. This is my very favorite perfume. A little pricey which i usually wouldn't buy. But it is worth it. I haven't smelled anything like it. It has an amazing unique smell that you have probably haven't smelled in other perfumes. Such as Chance Chanel which is very common.


    • It's great you found a perfume that you love! I don't think that "white musk" is a rare ingredient although they might have used some choice cocktail of white musk molecules. I'd agree that the benzoin part of the perfume makes it less than banal!

      Chant Wagner

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