Jennifer Lopez Sunkissed Glow (2009) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

jennifer-lopez-sunkissed-glow-fragrance-ad.jpgJennifer Lopez who single-handedly revived the celebrity fragrance market at the beginning of the 21st century, as it had been left somewhat fallow before her is continuing to expand her franchise. A new scent called Sunkissed Glow will be launched in February 2009 in Europe. It belongs to the unofficial Glow collection which started in 2003 with her debut perfume Glow by J. Lo. This was followed by Miami Glow, Love at First Glow, Glow After Dark. It comes more recently after Deseo and Deseo for Men.

I personally own three of those in full sizes and can only say positive things about them, in particular I think that the drydown of Glow is simply superior, one of the very best on the market in terms of evolution and unobtrusive, pleasurable tenacity. Love at First Glow I had to buy after realizing how exquisite it smelled on a paper strip left abandoned (well not quite) on my night stand, several days after it had been sprayed on...

These perfumes are technically and to some extent aesthetically superlative even if they do not aim to be anything but laidback. But who needs to be formal every second of their lives and to wear a five-star perfume awarded by the Michelin Guide on all occasions? One sees reports nowadays about stellar French chefs who are so tired of working with the constraints of their elite stars that several have given up high-falutin standards in exchange for wider popularity and enjoyment of life.

The new perfume is said to be a fruity-floral and to feature notes of orange blossom, waterlilies and passion flowers. The base notes include amber, musk and cashmere wood.

The perfume bottle comes with a bracelet. The ad was shot by Peter Lindbergh on the island of Islamorada in Florida.

Via Just Jared

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  1. i LOVE miami glow and ive heard that this is just like it except without the coconut note in miami. most people dont like it as much as miami glow, but i definently wanna try it because the notes are almost exactly the same and it still sounds like it would be a nice tropical fragrance-plus, i love the colors on the bottle with the little seashell charm! its too cute!


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