Tova Signature Platinum (2009): Trying To Recapture The Old Mystique {New Perfume}

Tova-Signature-Platinum.jpgTova Beverly Hills just added a new fragrance called Tova Signature Platinum to the Tova Beauty line. More than a new perfume it is a newly baptized perfume officially aiming to recapture the original formulation and lustre of Tova Signature. With a war name like Tova Platinum, one will have gathered that the scent is also meant to be a new chapter in her communication efforts with her loyal customer base and fans of the Tova Signature.
Platinum-Ceramic.jpgAs readers of this blog may have read about already, Tova Signature is arguably one of the most popular and beloved perfumes in America.

People are very attached to it and the old version is consistently reported about as a major compliment-gatherer. The problem is that the flip side of this unconditional love is what could be termed reformulation rage. Just like there is such a thing as road rage, there is also a less prominently publicized phenomenon which exists nevertheless called reformulation rage #!?!!§! which affects long-time fragrance customers and seems to run the gamut from disappointment to heartache to anger to explosive rage over changes perceived in their favorite fragrances....

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A perfume is precious in ways other than monetary. If you read this thread here, you will see that I am not kidding.

In recent years, the level of discontent seemingly swelled like a wave in the Pacific. After Tova Signature Reserve (see also Tova Signature/Tova Reserve: All in the Eyes of the Beholder?), which was a more indirect attempt at assuaging the dissatisfaction of her customers, Tova Borgnine introduced Tova Signature Platinum with the now explicit purpose to restore the image of the perfume and trust of Tova Signature fragrance lovers. It makes for an interesting bit of perfume copy,

"What is it: The legendary Tova(R) Signature eau de parfum has been enhanced in an effort to recapture the mystique and allure that made this a fragrance unlike any other in the world. Three main steps were taken in this fragrance reformulation:

Tova has gone back to the original creators of Signature and they have sourced the highest quality ingredients available--the finest jasmine and bergamot from Italy, French lavender from Provence, and rare East Indian sandalwood....
Signature Platinum also features a higher level of musk notes which are responsible for the long-lasting richness that originally set Tova Signature apart from other fragrances

Tova has increased the concentration of fragrance from 28.5% to 32.5%, making Tova Signature Platinum one of the most highly concentrated eau de parfums in the world!

Who is it for: Anyone who has loved Tova Signature throughout the last 25 years.

Why is it different: At 32.5%, Tova Signature Platinum has one of the highest concentrations of fragranced oil in an eau de parfum. More fragrance means more to smell!

How do I use it: Tova Signature Platinum comes with a sprayer that delivers over twice as much fragrance per spray than the average parfum bottle. Rather than spraying directly onto your skin, spray the fragrance in the air around you, allowing it to settle upon you. Avoid spraying and rubbing into wrists to prevent crushing the individual notes."

"Platinum" here is really a metaphor for restating the quality of Tova fragrances. The perfume is still housed in a simple transparent glass and plastic bottle. Incidentally, an argument Tova Borgnine offered previously was that the change of packaging may have influenced perceptions of the perfume, but this reasoning has been abandoned here. Tova Platinum has a slightly less high concentration of oils as Tova Reserve (32.5 % vs. 34 %) and was not "aged".

A bottle of 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum is priced at $36. It is priced currently at $29.71 for pre-orders.

Thanks to reader Marcia for letting us know about this new launch!   

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  1. Glad to bring this to your attention!Thanks for checking it out for us! I just hope that it is the "real" thing. I have spent hundreds of dollars searching for a new scent with no luck. I am reluctantly trying TOVA one more time which I said I would never do. Lets hope she heard all the negative reviews and decided to bring our beloved fragrance back to us. The only thing we can do now is wait........


    • Yes, I will check it out. I already have the Reserve. Perfect timing, I can do a paired review then.

      I am sure that Tova heard her customers and that Tova Platinum is an attempt to mend the wounds. It is very possible that there is only so much that she can do.

      Chant Wagner
  2. I used to work at the fragrance counter years ago and from what I recall most eau de parfums are only around 7-15% in their concentration. Tova mentioned during this show that Signature Platinum is 32.5%! Also she said it was aged for 90 days. Which I know nothing about but I assume is longer than average. I personally am very excited to try Platinum out.

    Gina Fried
  3. OK!!!! So my bottle of TOVA platinum arrived last Thursday. I was soooooo excited I ripped the box open and started spraying away. I couldnot believe it - it smelled like I remember TOVA smelling...but......I am still on the fence with this one.... Is it better?...absolutely! Is it the real thing? Not quite sure. My husband said it smelled like he remembered it but after spraying over and over for 3 days now, my clothes don't smell like TOVA and neither do I! Let me know what you think.

    • However from what you say, Tova is getting really close to the old version , isn't she? I need to get a copy of that new version and compare it with the Reserve. I feel like I have created a shrine to Tova fragrances :) Ever closer to the DIVINE, not quite there yet.

      Chant Wagner
  4. FINAL ANSWER --NO. After wearing this "new" fragrance for a few weeks now, I am not happy with it. As a long time wearer of TOVA (20+ years) I can honestly say that this ISNOT the same as the original fragrance. Something is still missing. This attempt to gain us back was much better than the elixir and reserve trials. It is very hard to explain - the original TOVA had a "presence" the minute you sprayed it. You walked into a room and instantly people wanted to know what you were wearing. Strangers stopped you wherever you went and asked - what are you wearing? -you smell GREAT!! (and all of this truly did happen) You felt like you smelled wonderful and you KNEW you did too. TOVA platinum is the closest I have smelled to the original in a long time. It has a bit better staying power and a hint of the original fragrance. TOVA original was the only perfume I wore until the scent was changed. I think that TOVA original has become a scent of the past. Sorry to the ladies who never smelled the original and have to be content with this one. I am not returning this bottle, I will wear it every once in a while, however I am also not rushing to buy another one and I think I am done hoping for the return of this fragrance. I don't understand why they cannot make it the way it was. I suggest everyone reads the reviews on the qvc's not a hit.

  5. I'll have to agree, the Platinum fragrance is NOT the original Tova Signature. I'll admit a better imitation than what has previously been selling on QVC (but that's not saying much), but still not the real deal. Tova and her co-creators need to go back to the drawing board again and try, try again to capture the true essence of the once lovely Tova Signature fragrance.

    The Tova customer was led to believe that the Platinum fragrance was going to be the answer to our prayers. But, unfortunately, our prayers have not been answered. So disappointing. Tova, we're still waiting for you to bring back the Tova Signature EDP.

  6. why in the world would you change something so loved by so many women. i am one of those long time users and i am very upset about the change. also i knew nothing about the change and kept calling QVC but got no info on any kind of changes. unless the original tova makes a comeback i am done with it. too bad one of my simple pleaures is gone. i am still searching for a new fragrance to replace tova.

    grace lazopoulos
  7. I had no idea that you cannot but Tova sig on Qvc anymore nor that she is not makeing it anymore WHY!!!why change a good thing I have worn Tova sig for years, and years and absolutely love it can't be the same...I want to know the logic behind it when you sold millions and millions of the sig frag. sooooo disappointed BRING IT BACK!!!!! I have gone on e-bay and such to try and get the last of "it" but high$ oh well I love it enough summer won't be the same:(

    • I see it's only sold as part of a 2-piece set. Indeed, it seems that the Tova Signature offerings have dwindled.

      Chant Wagner
  8. cannot believe tova has not reinstated her original formula. i was a loyal tova user for many many years and would love to have it back. the new signature just doesnt cut it. i will no longer be a customer.

    grace lazopoulos
  9. I have also used TOVA for years. I have been searching on the internet and have found the original for $150 a bottle. There is no way that I will pay that. I have went to Samsura and enjoy it. Maybe you women may want to try it. I love it and it smells great. I for one am over the TOVA ordeal. QVC has bad business practices if they do not listen to their customers and do the right thing! I for one will not waste my hard earned money on TOVA! I am sure that she is ashamed as to how QVC has done her product. The only reason they could of changed it was that it was too expensive and they dollared it down!


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