Tarte Cosmetics CelluFight Natural Anti-Cellulite Self-Tanner (2009)

Tarte-Cellufight.jpgThe other day I posted about an innovative 2-in-1 sunscreen that is also a slimming product by Somatoline Cosmetic which was just introduced. Today, I happened on the latest body product by Tarte Cosmetics which is, guess what, a slimming and self-tanning product called CelluFight or rather celluFIGHT with a really big-looking stress on "FIGHT". The two are, as it happens, brand new and this is already making both products look like the beginning of a trend.

In this case the concept is slightly different although it follows a similar train of thought: tan real or faux + slimmer + smoother you. So, if you don't like to tan for real or it's not the right time for you now, you can turn your attention to Cellufight. And extra bonus, it's full of natural ingredients (algae extract, natural DHA, green tea leaf extract, organic green tea fragrance, skinTIGHT complex) and explicitly void of the chemicals that are usually black-listed...


"celluFIGHT™ is formulated with skinTIGHT™ complex , a proprietary anti-cellulite complex that firms and tones skin while improving elasticity. Plant and bio-nutrient extracts boost cellular metabolism shedding excess fat tissue. Caffeine helps stimulate blood flow immediately reducing "the orange peel" effect on problem areas such as waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. This anti-cellulite natural self-tanner contains clinically-proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the long-term build-up of fat tissue under the skin."

Clinical Results:

  • Hip circumference decrease by 4 cm after 8 weeks

  • Waist circumference decrease by 3.5 cm after 8 weeks

  • Thigh circumference decrease by 1.6 cm after 8 weeks

  • Buttock circumference decrease by 2 cm after 8 weeks

  • 55% decrease in storage of harmful fat cells in dermis after 8 weeks

    Subjects reported:

  • 70% saw immediate reduction in the appearance of cellulite dimples (orange peel effect)

  • 81% noticed smoother skin after 8 weeks

  • 66% felt skin was firmer and more toned after 8 weeks
    A 5 oz tube is priced at $40. Available at Tarte and Sephora.

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