UK Mixologist Creates Chanel No5-Inspired Champagne Cocktail {The 5th Sense in the News}

Perfume and food overlap more often than not. In this case another bridge was thrown by British mixologist Tony Conigliaro between the No.5 and a refreshing beverage. It took him 2 years to develop the cocktail called No5 Champagne Cocktail served in a custom-designed long flute glass with a wider rim to better control the physics of champagne bubbles (see Champagne Bubbles Essential to Taste/Smell)....
To that effect he mixes some of the main ingredients found in the original Chanel No. 5 fragrance while using a sugar cube as a device to bring notes to the top. Interestingly, perfume aficionados often compare aldehydes which characterize the No5, to a sparkling champagne-like effect, which is also, as one can see, the best way to drink Chanel No.5.

Conigliaro reportedly uses "food-grade versions of the five primary aromatic compounds that scent that perfume -- ylang-ylang, May rose, sandalwood, jasmine and (something else), combined as essences and dropped onto sugar cubes, which were then used to make a Champagne cocktail." according to Chuck T

There is a vert interesting interview with the creator on Dazed Digital,

Dazed Digital: What prompted you to design a cocktail which took on the fragrance of an iconic perfume?
Tony Conigliaro: I had been studying perfume and talking with perfumers, and I noticed the similarities between what they did and what happens when making cocktails. It was then I came up with the concept.


This cocktail and others can be tasted at The Bar with No Name, 69 Colebrooke Row, Angel of Islington, London.

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