Michelle Obama's Signature Perfume is... The Scoop by the Washingtonian {Celebrity Fragrance - What Celebrities Like to Wear}


Michelle Obama's Signature Perfume Is...

After months of speculation, first about the waft of a cherry scent, next with the report on perfume purchases of Boadicea fragrances in London, then with the report of a privileged gift from Creed, The Washingtonian has finally succeeded in getting the scoop on the answer to the question that many were burning to know more about: what perfume is First Lady Michelle Obama actually wearing? The First Lady is clearly interested in fragrances and may be wearing more than one, but there is a signature scent she favors...

According to Melissa Yost, manager of fragrance and cosmetics for the Nordstrom at Pentagon City...a little drum roll please.

But first take a guess. Do you think Mrs Obama's perfume would be light, intense, fruity, chypré, esoteric, elegant, sweet, dry, oriental, seductive, super-niche, blended at home...?


Michelle Obama's signature fragrance is reported to be the delicate and elegant Love in White by Creed.

"Don't have Michelle Obama's sculpted arms? You can at least wear her signature scent: Love in White. Melissa Yost, manager of fragrance and cosmetics for the Nordstrom at Pentagon City says the First Lady favors the fragrance, which features notes of orange, white jasmine, daffodil, and rose. The scent is bipartisan: in 2005, Laura Bush was given the first bottle made.

Fragrance experts say Obama has chosen a perfect summer scent -- lighter perfumes, rather than musky or spicy ones, work best in the heat."

The perfume also features a less commonly seen note of rice husk from Tonkin, in accord with marriage symbolism.

Via The Washingtonian July 2009 & Creed

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  1. This is such a scam! Creed claims that they sent her 6 bottles, one being Love in White, but yet the White House doesn't accept any gifts! Everyone knows their bad rep of doing their own celeb tagging of their perfume to try and get coverage.. what are they going to make up next?

    Julie King

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