The Brits Love their Celebrity Fragrances {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Scents}

According to British mass-market chain Superdrug, the Britons hold celebrity brand fragrances dear to their hearts. The *estimated*, rather massive figure quoted in an article in Hello Magazine, which specializes in celebrity coverage, is that out of £600 being spent annually on feminine perfumes, more than 40% would be going to celebs perfumes, an estimation that seemingly does not include simply celeb-endorsed fragrances where famous faces just grace the ads....

The fact remains beyond possible general inflationist statements that celebrity fragrances have been the top sellers at Superdrug for the few past years and that currently Britney Spears is their #1 best-seller (you can read review of the latest, Circus Fantasy).

I think the perfume industry here needs to thank the very popular British tabloid culture for their nice effort {understatement}. No wonder the X Factor want a slice of that pie while the British public must be on tenterhooks to learn they'll have to wait until December to get Simon Cowell bottled.

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  1. Dear Marie-Helene,

    I would just like to point out that Superdrugs offer proportionately many more celebrity fragrances than any other type. This might be the result of the fact that these fragrances sell better than the others. However, it can also work the other way around. If Superdrugs' customers can chose mainly from celebrity fragrances, then they will, won't they?


    • Absolutely. There is a bias, as you point out. I don't know exactly what percentage of perfumes that they carry that are are not celebrity perfumes.

      There is an immediate element of recognition in a celebrity perfume brand that makes it also easier to identify as worth checking out for people who are jumping in this universe of gazillions of unknown fragrances.

      Chant Wagner

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