An US Version of Jacques Fath Iris Gris by Legendary Fragrances to Launch this Spring (2010) {New Perfume}


Legendary Fragrances, a perfume company based in Arizona headed by a French CEO, have announced the introduction of yet another version of Iris Gris by Jacques Fath which will launch in April of 2010. The tag line is "The myth became reality." The promise which is extended here is that of an upscale and faithful rendition of the original,

"This fragrance is not a "celebrity" fragrance neither a "commercial" fragrance! Reserved to the connoisseurs who enjoy Perfumes made and created in the pure French tradition. We are relaunching IRIS GRIS, this Legendary Fragrance, as it was."

CEO Thierry Bellet is motivated by childhood memories of his mother wearing the scent,

"This is very personal and the story goes back 40 years ago. It was one of my Mother's preferred perfumes. As a very young boy, I remember this mixture of scents of violet, Iris and peach (which I discovered later). It was magical and mysterious."

Having learned that Iris Gris had not been - voluntarily so it must be said - faithfully recreated by Panouge in its new guise as Irissime (see From Iris Gris to Irissime) and seeing that the name "Iris Gris" was not trademarked in the USA, he decided to offer his own version of it.

The company spent several months hunting down old samples. This Iris Gris purports to be loyal to the original despite the cost of iris concrete and wishes to focus on the juice itself.

"Iris Gris is a clean, simple and harmonious scent. The packaging will reflect this statement."

You can read a Q & A with Thierry Bellet about Iris Gris

The brand launched a men's cologne at the end of 2008 which seems also nurtured by childhood dreams, Treasure Island.


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  1. I have never tried the real Iris Gris, and I am certainly not alone. However, if the new scent is even close, it should be wonderful from what I understand.

  2. We PANOUGE SAS company incorporated in Paris FRANCE are the official owners of the JACQUES FATH brand in perfumery worldwide, decline any relation with the so-called LEGENDARY FRAGRANCE company and kindly ask you to withdraw all reference to JACQUES FATH in relation with this article or with this company.
    For your information, the gentlman, Mr. Bellet who is behind this company have had problems with every company we know, including ours.
    Concerning the name IRIS GRIS, it belongs to the prestigeous French House HERMES and as we refrained to use the name as it is now their trademark, they will not be pleased that your website is encouraging what seems to be a deceptive article.
    Thank you for your cooperation.


    • Thank you for your comment. This article is not meant to be deceptive or misleading, it just informs about the existence of Legendary Fragrance, their website, and their claim to have recreated a version of Iris Gris by Jacques Fath.

      If Hermès or you feel that their copyrights were infringed upon, this is a matter to be taken to court with Legendary Fragrance.

      Your comment can serve at the moment to express your position.

      Chant Wagner
  3. My mother too wore Iris Gris when I was a child. I still have some of her stock. Irissime bears no resemblance, unfortunately. It has a musty, old lady iris scent, and is very similar to the many other iris scents currently available. I'm sorry that Jacques Fath lost the name Iris Gris and am very curious about the new American version.

    vicky w
    • I have received the latter American version and will be able to review it.

      Chant Wagner
  4. I have an original large bottle of Iris Gris which was bought some 9-10 years ago. Until recently I had no idea that it was such an extremely rare and legendary perfume. I don't remember how full the bottle was, as it happens to be in a carton somewhere - i can't remember where - along with a bunch of other perfumes; but oddly I have the lid of the box which bears as strong smell the scent because the bottle had leaked in transit when it was shipped to me. I am very curious to know what its monetary worth might be. does anyone know? Thanks...

  5. hi bpaul, i think your bottle is worth in the region of $350 to $400. should you wish to sell it, I will be happy yo buy it from you - i have been looking for this perfume for quite some time now

  6. Whatever happened with this...?

    A friend/Client came to my Perfumarium today, specifically to discuss rebuilding Iris Gris. He had strips fron the Osmotheque, but no juice, Can anyone sell me 1/4 or 1/2ml perfume?

    Or I could trade my own line of Perfumes - perfume samples, if you like...

    Thanks ever so much...

    Paul Kiler

    Paul Kiler

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