Galilu Olfactory Perfumery is the Nec Plus Ultra & not just in Varsaw {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

Varsaw appears to be at the forefront of thinking on convivial perfumeries. Polish architect Marcin Kwietowicz created a perfumery enclave in the capital city of Poland which is atypical of most modern perfume shopping experience...

Galilu-Olfactory-Perfumery-by-Marcin-Kwietowicz-20.jpgThe hidden cash register

In fact the project here starts with the premice that Galilu Olfactory Perfumery is a "shopping-by-the-way" experience. To drive the point, the cash register is hidden away on purpose.

The main reason I wanted to show you this place is that I finally found an element of my ideal perfumery: it proposes chairs so that you can sit down and focus on the aromas in a relaxed fashion. Those are not makeup chairs, the stools you find at the Sephoras of the world, they are perfume-lover chairs. You could even put your elbows on the table.

I'd actually very much appreciate also individual cabins so that I can concentrate further. The option of a foot mirror would be great so that I can see if the perfume goes well with my outfit or look. This is commonly done for clothing shops, why not do it for perfume? A perfume bottle is on average more expensive than a tee-shirt, so think about it.


More pictures at [Dezeen]

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