Kardashians & For Every Body Team Up: 3 DASH Candles for the 3-K Sisters (2010) {New Perfumes} {Celebrity Fragrances}

The Kardashian sisters have partnered with For Every Body, a brand of eco-friendly scented soy candles to launch a collection of home candles called DASH. The line will also include gel sprays...

John Galliano did an eponymous celebrity candle scent with Diptyque. Elton John too with Bath & Body Works. But in general, celebrity perfumes are found more often in the aisles of fine fragrances.

In this case, the opportunity arose when People Magazine contacted the brand after learning in an interview that Kim Kardashian's favorite scent is a candle from them called "Birthday Cake."

Kardashian-dash-candles.JPGThe DASH candle collection includes three offerings which each offering a favorite scent of the three sisters Kim, Khloe and Khourtney. The candles are Floral Seduction, Sheer Blush and Tranquillity.

Kim Kardashian is also introducing a signature personal fragrance this year.

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