Burberry Sport for Women and Burberry Sport for Men (2010) {Perfume Reviews}


Burberry Sport Women and Burberry Sport Men are the two latest perfumes by Burberry and represent an effort to bring attention to their sportswear line. Emma Watson is in the fashion ad above but not in the perfume advertising campaign (see after the jump).

Reportedly inspired by the English landscape, the perfumes turn out to be pleasant fresh scents that any outdoorsy type will enjoy. The women's scent was more sensually designed just like the Burberrry Sport designs for women reveal a sexier edge than the men's with their cropped and short-length sportswear and waisted tees...




Burberry artistic director Christopher Bailey who oversaw the process said,

"I wanted it to feel like there was movement in the scent,"... "I kept saying I wanted it zingy; I wanted to feel alive; I wanted to feel like it's jumping."

Burberry Sport for Women: Sporty by Day, Sensual by Night

The composition is signed by perfumers Olivier Polge and Béatrice Piquet.

If you know Tommy Girl, this scent is like both a more sea-breez-y and slightly heavier and grapier take on it, with the darker grape-scented lollipop Methyl Anthranilate nuances you can smell in Ange et Démon by Givenchy. The scent presents a contrast between fresh and light fruity space-filling and even space-expanding notes revolving around Calone (sea breeze smell) on an undercurrent of warmer ambergris.

As the scent takes flight -because it does indeed- the perfume becomes transparent and clear with "muguet" and citrusy nuances going a bit in the direction of lemon Lipton tea, only drier. When the fruity nuances develop, they take on an aqueous litchi nuance. Although heavier oriental notes such as ambergris and vanilla are perceptible, they contribute to making the freshness of Burberry Sport for Women feel velvety rather than are used to play up a fresh/warm contrast, or - god forbid - mask it.

Next, a floral facet becomes more apparent making the scent feel less casual, sporty and outdoorsy and more susceptible to be used as an evening scent. At this stage, the perfume becomes more sensual and feminine, more evocative of a cocktail dress while preserving a tangy, energetic bite. A peony-like note - actually honeysuckle - mandarin, citrus, sea-breeze notes mingle with creamy floral vanilla - actually magnolia - and a pinch of sexy pepper.

All in all it's a very pleasant scent, which is easy to wear. If you want to avoid the old-school feel of eau de cologne but nevertheless insist on wearing a fresh eau for the summer (or any other time of the year for that matter), then it's a good, risk-free choice. It's clean, but not wan and fleshless. People who alreay enjoy musky-citrusy and fresh transparent perfumes should definitely give it a go. If Tommy Girl, Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche and Philosophy Grace already do something for you, then Burberry Sport has good chances of wooing you especially if you have been looking for the same but with more sensual heft and a day-to-evening personality. You could see it as a very fresh, Calone-y ambergris scent too.

This perfume could be worn by any woman at any age who likes her perfume first and foremost to smell fresh and then cleanly sensual as well but with an added nocturnal flair.

Notes are: mandarin, ginger, marine accord, fresh magnolia, honeysuckle, petit grain, solar notes, cedar wood, musk.

Burberry Sport for Men: Sensual at Home, Sporty at Work

The fragrance was composed by three perfumers: Sonia Constant, Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Antoine Maisondieu.

The cologne opens on cold sea breeze, pepper, zingy ginger, with an added interesting, grassy and dark resinous note of something that smells like a metallic and citrusy blade of gray grass. The scent is citrusy, with a dry lemongrass aspect.

As the scent evolves it feels as if some of the clean bubble soaps nuances that you were smelling before had been turned inside-out, became magnified and you were smelling inside a giant bubble sud. I cannot explain it further very well except to say that I have not been inhaling any hallucinogens, I hope. Looking at the press material I see that the heart notes are entitled "Action and Innovation." It feels like taking your shower with a new perspective. Ginger has naturally a soapy nuance to it, so I am venturing to say that it might be this slight displacement of the soapy cue that might make you feel like thinking harder about it. 

Burberry Sport for Men is a variation on the well-known woodsy marine scent for men but with an insistance on a less standard citrus nuance of lemon grass and a vegetal soapy effect which is hyper-realistic rather than detergent-like. It does not seem to want to weave the same day-and-night theme as the women's version as it is more outdoorsy throughout. Only the tail end of the drydown smells more sensual and musky. 

It is a crisp, clean marine citrus for men with a discreet woodsy undertone smelling of dry, sun-warmed floatsam in the drydown, with more oomph in the beginning than at the end.

If you are looking for a simple, laid-back dry citrus which prefers to err on the side of understated, after a while, this is a good option. The only duality I can see in this scent is one which is in reverse of the women's one: spray it on early when you are getting ready to go to work to capture its more exotic note and then rest assured Burberry Sport for Men will nor try to attract polarizing comments on your scent. It will just make you smell discreetly good and fresh with a slightly amped up parched tanginess.

Notes are: frozen ginger, grapefruit, wheatgrass, marine accord, red ginger, juniper berries, dry amber, cedar wood, musk.

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