Chanel Calls Chance Eau Tendre its Third Generation of the Chance Fragrance Family (2010) {New Perfume}

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The perfume house of Chanel has been working diligently on updating their classics, most notably resulting in Eau Première, a more luminous and historical twist on the iconic No5 (see also Cristalle Eau Verte.)

But if a long 86-year span separates the original No5 (1921) from its descendant Eau Première released in 2007 then recalled for a technicality and finally launched to everyone's satisfaction in 2008, the new Chance Eau Tendre (see ad) is only 8 years younger than the original Chance (2002). Yet it is called by Chanel its "third generation of the Chance fragrance family." If you needed any more proof that Chanel is working for the long haul and toiling along the lines of a genealogical road map, here you have it...

The Chance line now comprises the original Chance eau de toilette (2002), Chance eau de parfum (2005), Chance parfum, Chance Eau Fraîche (2007), tinted in pale green, and now Chance Eau Tendre offered with a pink glow.

From the start, the Chance line was meant to touch younger consumers. If you want to smell the evolution of Chanel thinking on youth and perfume, you'll have to check out their state-of-the-art take on it.

"This incarnation of the decidedly youthful scent reveals itself to be both delicate and airy, with an intoxicatingly light, fruity trail. An unexpected mingling of grapefruit and quince meets the crispness of fresh green notes, while a trace of Jasmine Absolute lingers in the air. Gently warmed by a sheer veil of White Musk, CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Toilette is at once innocent and seductive, for those who dare to dream anew."

$65.00 for 1.7 oz., $90.00 for 3.4oz.

On counter:        March 2010 at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's Soho & 59th Street in New York City, CHANEL boutiques and

                April 2010 at all CHANEL counters in department and specialty stores

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