Jean Paul Goude Talks about the Behind-The-Scenes of Chance Eau Tendre

Scenographist and self-described illustrator Jean Paul Goude talks about the making of the advertising for the new Chance Eau Tendre (see here and here.) He aimed for a mix of insolence and political correctedness which he confesses is a balance which is hard to reach as he himself tends towards more radicalism.

The main concept for the ad campaign was that it would be about a woman who is in love with her perfume...
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In the first video, 17-year old model Sigrid Agren is interviewed about her current life as a high-schooler and what she thinks Chance or "luck" is.

In the second video, Jean Paul Goude is interviewed on the creative process behind the ad stressing the challenge of illustrating the abstract concept of chance, luck,

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