Gap Stay (2010): "The Evolution of Close" {New Fragrance}

G-Letter-TSS-B.jpgGap have released a follow-up to Close called Stay, which comes bottled in the same drop-shaped bottle but color-coded blue this time. It's a shade in vogue this spring-summer 2010 if you consider Bulgari Blv Eau d'Eté, Daisy in the Air Garland Edition, JLo Blue Glow, Blugirl jus No.1, Inis Moonlight...

"Stay is the evolution of Close. It's a lighter, fresher scent for the woman who already loves Close. Stay is still sexy and feminine, but has a more "daytime" sensibility."

It's not clear whether they mean Stay is a flanker to Close or a companion scent.The Stay eau de toilette opens on notes of green hydrangea, dewy lemon flower, freesia. The heart unfolds on blue lotus, white peony and bluebell. The notes made to linger on are musk, white amber, sandalwood and driftwood.

Price: $35


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