Le Parfum d'Ostende {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

What better way to express a feeling of nostalgia but by calling upon the evocative power of even just the word "perfume" to entitle a walking tour of Ostende or Oostende inviting one to the discovery of the universe of painter James Ensor (1860-1949)?....

"Le Parfum d'Oostende" is the name of a new guided walk tour where you can leave on your own escorted by an audioguide with a screen and a GPS. The voices of actors Wim Opbrouck and Els Dottermans accompany your steps in the roles of James Ensor and the Narrator. The itinerary invites you to explore the Ostende that the painter loved.

We don't know if the accent will be put at all on recalling some of the smells of old Ostende, but the use of the perfume metaphor and imagery is revelatory of the goal of this cultural stroll which is to help you capture the lost yet memorable aspects of the past of the city and to access its intimate history. Nothing prevents you on the other hand to continue breathing and taking in the smells of the port city.

Source: www.toerisme-oostende.be

Here is a short preview video evoking the atmosphere of the Ostende of James Ensor,

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