The Czech Pavillion in Shanghai Creates Perfume Based on your Emotions {Fragrance News}

Last year, we announced that four fragrances had been created to mark the event of the World Shanghai Expo. Another chapter to add to the perfume-focus in Shanghai is a futuristic method of creating fragrance by attuning to your inner emotions and delivering the fragrance which matches them, on the spot...

Imagine stepping into a special room that will analyze for you what you want to wear this instant by sensing what's going on inside you, and that you may not be fully aware of yourself.

"One out of 500 visitors will get the chance to be led into a glass room, where sensors will capture his or her emotions and the automatic laboratory will mix a bottle of personal perfume based on the emotions. The fragrance is crafted from ten unique ingredients."

10 ingredients, that's plenty enough to offer a real composition if you are a Guerlain, e.g., Mitsouko, Nahéma. Not that I suspect the machine here can do the same.

They do not say if the fragrance can counterbalance your emotions in case you would rather not feel dark or chirpy and would rather not accept an Eau de Poe (there's one that has actually been created by Polish packaging designers) or an Eau de Ditzy Moment to suit your emotions.
 Source: shanghai.cultural-china

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