Chloé Eau de Parfum Intense (2009) {Hasty Fragrance Review}


In 2009, Chloé released a new iteration of their revamped Chloé - the one which is rose-based and not tuberose-based like the fragrance created under Karl Lagerfeld's tenure. The new flacon sports a gros-grain ribbon in charcoal gray (see ad) instead of beige and we know what painstaking efforts the house went through to find just the right piece of ribbon (just in case you were thinking that marketing fragrance teams are slackening and just pouring industry leftovers and bits in new launches while taking time off at the beach laughing their hearts out at people's naïveté. They, apparently, are naïve and believe in perfection) 

I finally gathered some thoughts about the new Intense version comparing it with its predecessor in Eau de Parfum concentration...

In this case, the "Intense" monicker does not belie the contents of the bottle to mask, say, an indifferent reformulation or money-making twist. The brand clearly understands people do want to buy the jus Chloé and just want more of the same.

It is essentially and faithfully the same fragrance but with an even lusher rose core. The Intense edp takes nothing away from the edp but adds a greater blooming factor to the rose, as well as lastingness. Sometimes, you can decide to stay with a lighter version because the deeper one is stronger, but also unfortunately less subtle. I don't see this as being an issue in this case.

Chloé is quite popular in Paris. I often smell it on the street. It is worn by women of all ages. One person I know who is gaga for the jus without being a perfumista makes me wonder further what it is that Chloé put in their fragrance?

One thing one can notice is how conspicuous the counterpoint of cedar wood is to the rose accord. The pencil-shavings accord adds a touch of masculinity to the scent. Some women are desperately looking for those perfumes that will tell them someone understands they too produce testosterone. Chloé has the shadow of a mustache above the lips and recognizes this feminine desire to appear less maudlin while still being a woman. It's a rose, but one which was not scraped off completely of its beard and thorns.

Notes: pink peppercorn, freesia, litchi, pink peony / creamy sandalwood, magnolia, rose petals, lily of the valley / tonka bean, amber, honey, cedar wood.  



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