Coty to Launch Lady Gaga Perfume {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}

Apparently it's not a spoof this time. (Added: on September 12, 2010 Coty confirmed that Gaga will create a perfume under their aegis.)  The glaringly missing celebrity fragrance when you looked at the series of celebs launches was Lady Gaga's. Coty noticed the void too and reportedly are working with the mega visual pop singer to release her debut signature scent. There are going to be oodles of material to pick from to build the universe around this new perfume!...

Although Lady Gaga's taste in perfume is more that of a young woman of her generation than revelatory of her sense of extreme fashion and theatricals - she is reported to favor both Ralph by Ralph Lauren and Daisy by Marc Jacbs - the upcoming fragrance is said to be extremely "unusual," more in line with what you might think she is wearing we muse: a custom blend piling up weird, intense notes from different, eclectic fragrances or a Comme des Garçons smelling of red butchered meat like Guerrilla 1 or a medley of strange artificial smells like Odeur 53 (they missed a perfect client.)

But falling back on more mainstream soil, the Lady Gaga perfume will be Christmas-gift worthy nevertheless as the jus is set to launch for the 2010 holidays season. The marketing campaign, we are told, will be huge and no doubt in the style of a Mega-Gaga extravaganza.

We hope the bottle is weird, the juice is weird and the ad campaign out there. It also has to be wearable. We don't want any floating plastic foetus in the bottle, or such, as well. That would be crossing the frontier over to gross territory, which may be seen as a stylistic temptation for Lady Gaga.

How is Coty going to market mainstream-weird in perfume form is the challenge we're going to be contemplating.


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  1. Wow, I am agog! Or should that be agag? Only time will tell...


    • Only time will tell...I wonder if Coty will use focus groups or rely on Lady Gaga's instinct. But her taste in fragrances so far has been reported to be nothing controversial or difficult. Many celebrities actually favor low-key scents because they just don't need more stuff to show off or think about hard.

      Chant Wagner
  2. Like you, I hope the juice and bottle are interesting... but Coty aren't known for daring releases so I'm not holding out too much hope. I remember there was some anticipation for Gwen Stefani's debut scent but when it released it was a sweet fruity crowd pleaser. I will admit that her the Harajuki Lovers Cuties bottles are so cute that I can't pour scorn on them however boring the juice.


    • Yes, I think the they can take more risks with visuals because you don't have to wear them. Probably the ad campaign will be more daring than the juice. But it could be powerful -especially as there is feedback from the market that strong scents find theirs audiences; Kim Kardashian is no wallflower scent - and there could be one edgy note that makes it stand apart.

      Chant Wagner
  3. "We don't want any floating plastic foetus in the bottle..." Hahaha! But that would be so funny. :)

    • I somehow associate her with the atmosphere of a cabinet of curiosities, I guess. I can imagine the mile-long threads on the internet if she did anything as reckless as that, not to mention all the potential activists attacking the perfume aisles to trash the bottles :)

      Chant Wagner
  4. I could not be more excited! How are you always so in the know?! I LOVE it! I adore Gaga and could not me more thrilled that she is making a perfume. While I like me some fruity florals, I sure hope Gaga is a little more daring and doesn't just make another crowd pleaser. I couldn't agree w/ you more about being a little disappointed w/ Gwens L. It was nice but nothing at all daring in the least and definitely not what I pictured her wearing and creating. I don't think Gaga will disappoint. I sure hope not. And yes, I can't wait to see the bottle and packaging. It could be called Monster or Lady by Gaga. I don't know. I'm just so excited! Thanks! : )


    • Monster by Lady Gaga, that's a compliment, of course :) It will be very interesting to see how her shock value translates into fragrance because the woman knows how to fascinate visually and her fashion sense is so capable of being outrageous. A faithful rendition of her style in perfume would have to be something bold, spectacular and a bit disquieting.

      Chant Wagner

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