Latest Update on Jennifer Aniston's Fragrance's Name: It's Now Called "The Debut Fragrance" {Perfume News} {Celebrity Fragrance}

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In the latest twist concerning Jennifer Aniston's perfume, we learn via Harrods newsletter this time that it's now been titled on their website "The Debut Fragrance." If they had put back "Lolavie" after telling us it was not called that (anymore), we would have felt like this was a really mad circus.

As it is, it just reveals an inordinately high level of hesitation and upheaval over the name of the debut fragrance by Jennifer Aniston. The debate went public instead of being classically discussed behind closed corporate doors, probably in part to build publicity and get feedback. The result, the appearance of flip-flopping until the last minute, may be the slight downside to this approach which even in the Internet age looks extraordinarily "of the minute"...

Given the fact that the flacon now has been made to look neutral, like its latest name, it seems to invite you and everyone else to give it any name you may wish to call it from now on, The Debut Fragrance formerly known as Lolavie.

It may also be part of a social game thought out by the marketing geeks responsible for this unusual communication campaign. Even if in reality they really did not know what optimal name to settle on, and Aniston was pulling her hair out trying to decide, they will always be able to say that it's all part of a grand scheme.

Today being the launch at Harrods with an autographing session involved, we will wait with baited breath to see if the blank space on the bottle is indeed meant to be filled by fantasies. A helpful clue would be to look at the outer packaging where they must have printed an official name, unless it's a removable sticker.

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  1. Wonder if whoever creates Marc Jacobs Lola had a dispute with the name Lolavie?

    • I was wondering that too -- it's a possibility.

      Chant Wagner

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