Chanel No.5's Makeover for the Holidays {Fragrance News - New Flacon}

This fall, Chanel No. 5 is getting a bottle makeover just in time for the Holidays season. The 100 ml size for the Eau de Toilette gets the honors of a more luxurious and feminine conditioning...

The cap changes to the magnetic kind used for the more luxurious Les Exclusifs, one of the best perfume caps that one can experience and money can buy: smooth, easy, irresistibly attracted to its bottle without making you feel the pull of gravity too strongly and ending with that little final click of good will you can hear after a job well done. It is really the sound of perfection.

The new flacon will be available from October 15, 2010.

Price: 89€

There will also be a coffret of three No.5 soaps colored in pale pink, each weighing 75 g.

Price: 40€

Via Le Parisien

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